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MEM 57 C03-Occurrence of Non-Coralloid Aerial Roots in Cycas.

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08/09/2020 02:08:01
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PANT, D. D. and K. DAS (Dept. of Botany, Allahabad University, Allahabad-211002, India). Occurrence of non-coralloid aerial roots in Cycas. Memoirs of The New York Botanical Garden 57: 56–62. I 990. Occurrence of non-coralloid aerial roots is reported for the first time in plants of Cycas circinalis L., C. revolwa Thunb. and C. rumphii Miq. Adventitious roots grow out from the lower side of young or old bulbils or leaf bases and some of them travel downwards around the columnar trunks. During their downward aerial course they may even produce one or more branches. The roots are 3- to 8-arch in C. circinalis, 2- to 5-arch in C. revoluta, and 2- to 7-arch in C. rumphii, and they often show a well developed parenchymatous pith with scattered xylem elements. Older roots show a good amount of secondary growth. Maceration of the aerial roots of C. rumphii shows unusually branched xylem elements, some of which have large pores like those of vessels.

Keywords: Cycas, aerial roots, bulbils, xylem elements