MEM 117 C32-Scouting the Philippine Islands for Cycas.

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08/08/2020 02:12:22

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We have traveled within the Philippines in recent years in an attempt to characterize variation among Cycas populations. Our travels have identified habitats that were previously unknown to academia. Numerous populations exhibited characters that do not conform to the 11 described taxa from the country. Further studies are needed which may lead to clarification of known taxa and new descriptions of added taxa. Molecular approaches may be required, as the morphological traits are ambiguous in some cases. The only populations lacking overt threats are those located on medium-sized islands devoid of roads. The remaining populations are facing serious threats, all of which are anthropogenic. Population size decreased in every locality we visited at least two times, usually due to land use conversion, logging, or poaching.


Keywords: conservation, habitat loss, island biology