MEM 117 C08-Cycas debaoensis Conservation Project—A Village-Based Approach.

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08/10/2020 02:11:04

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Cycas debaoensis is an endangered cycad endemic to China. Shortly after its scientific description in 1997, the population at the type locality suffered a decline of approximately 75% to fewer than 600 plants due to their removal by local villagers for the horticultural trade. A conservation project was developed by the authors at the type locality in Fuping, Guangxi, from 1999–2011. The short-term objective was to halt the rapid decline of the population. The long-term objective was to build relations with local villagers through education, horticultural projects, and ecological studies in order to establish a conservation ethic. To date the project has resulted in the construction of a schoolhouse, an education initiative, and the establishment of a nursery with over 1000 mature plants at the type locality. This project is conducted under the guidance of the IUCN Cycad Specialist Group (CSG) and the Forestry Department of Debao County.

Keywords: conservation, Cycas, education, management