C07-Range, Density, and Threatened Status of Cycas nongnoochiae. MEM 117

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7/10/2020 1:09:04 AM

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Cycas nongnoochiae K.D.Hill has an endemic population range restricted to a small cluster of hills in central Thailand east of Tak Fa. Areas of occupancy are restricted to the west to south-west facing slopes within an overall east-west range of about 11 km and a north-south range of about 7 km. We measured plant density and height of each individual within three transects. One site was at the southeast limits of the range within a relatively undisturbed habitat under the protection of a temple grounds with ca. 730 plants per ha. A second site was near the western limits of the range in a disturbed habitat showing signs of poaching, cattle grazing, and fire disturbances with ca. 520 plants per ha. The third site was near the northern limits of the endemic range in a disturbed habitat under pressures of fire damage and had ca. 275 plants per ha. Demography was highly contrasting among the sites, with the western and southeast sites exhibiting substantial seedling and juvenile populations and the north site exhibiting few signs of recruitment. The greatest ongoing threats to this species are fires, poaching, and phytophagous insects. The greatest potential threat is future habitat loss.

Keywords: Chilades pandava, conservation, demography, fires