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MEM 106 C03-SERBO and the Cycads of Oaxaca, Mexico.

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08/04/2020 15:32:08
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The Society for the Study of Biological Resources of Oaxaca (SERBO, A.C.) is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) founded more than 20 years ago, which does research on the biotic resources of Oaxaca, the most biodiverse state of Mexico, and to promote their conservation. SERBO cooperates with local communities by teaching the importance of conservation and management of the local flora and fauna. One of the more important areas of research is the making and management of geographical information systems to design useful maps for making decisions at different levels of responsibility. SERBO includes the most important herbarium, SERO, of Oaxaca with more than 20,000 specimens. The study of the Zamiaceae in Oaxaca, the state with the richest assets of this family in Mexico, is another area that has been developed at SERBO. Due to the results of an extensive fieldwork, the distribution range of many species of cycads considered endemic to other states has been extended, new localities have been found for others, and new descriptions of species have been made. At present, new descriptions of other cycads are underway, including the population study of diverse species, with which the education of Oaxacan students is supported.