MEM 106 C05-Cycad Phenology in a Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Context.

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08/04/2020 17:22:10

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Cycads present an ideal model system to investigate deep history of phenological variation as well as recent phenological shifts. For more than a decade, such observations have been compiled from a single garden collection of over 3000 plants representing 257 cycad taxa, structured to capture genetic and geographic diversity. Monthly observations of ovulate cone receptivity were compiled for 35 species representing nine cycad genera. Phylogenetic relationships among these collections were estimated fro matK, rpoB, mtITS, nad1, NEEDLY, rps4-trnS, and nrITS sequences. Common garden phenological data viewed in the context of lineage and provenance offer direct insight to adaptive shifts and constraints, while also providing a foundation for finer-scale resolution of specific ecological or biogeographic phenomena.