MEM 106 C26-Arbuscular Micorrhizal Fungi in Three Species of Mexican Cycads.

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08/06/2020 02:10:29

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Six species of arbuscular micorrhizal fungi (AMF) were isolated for the first time from three cycad species managed in in-situ sustainable management nurseries: Dioon merolae, Ceratozamia matudae, and Zamia soconuscensis. The AMF species Glomus claroideum and G. fulvum were found on the three cycad species; Acaulospora denticulata and A. scrobiculata were present in both C. matudae and Z. soconuscensis. The latter cycad species also had two additional AMF species: A. aff. delicata and G. microaggregatum. No Acaulospora was detected on D. merolae. Maximum colonization of AMF in the cycad roots occurred after 16 months with 70%, 90%, and 98% colonization for Z. soconuscensis, C. matudae, and D. merolae respectively, reaching 100% after 28 months for the latter two species only, Z. soconuscensis remaining at 70%.