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Systematic Studies in the Melastomataceae: Bellucia, Loreya, Macairea. Mem (50)

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08/09/2020 02:08:00
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Bellucia, a small neotropical genus of trees and shrub with large 5-8-merous flowers, ranges from Mexico to Bolivia. This treatment recognizes five of the previously described 27 species. A new species is described and illustrated and two new combinations are made. / Loreya is a neotropical genus of trees, mainly of the upper Amazon valley but ranging from Nicaragua to Bolivia. Careful consideration of allied genera shows that Loreya is a distinct taxon. Four new species are described. / Macairea is a neotropical genus of shrubs and subshrubs, most diverse in the Orinoco-Rio Negro drainage and in the Gran Sabana of Venezuela. Twenty of the previously described 43 species are recognized and two new ones are described. All three treatments include keys.