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The Biology, Structure, and Systematics of the Cycadales. Mem (57)

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08/07/2020 02:07:50
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Cycads have had considerably less research due to a general perception as esoteric taxonomic relicts. However, renewed interest in the cycads has been quite diverse as evident by the papers included here. This volume represents 21 papers presented at the symposium CYCAD 87 held in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France in 1987. Topics cover current research trends on the Cycadales which are loosely catagorized by historical perspective; morphology; reproductive biology and vegatative propagation; cytology, karyology, and physiology; phytochemistry; ecology and ethnobotany; systematics and floristics. New species are presented including a new genus, Chigua, previously unknown. 

Papers included in this volume are listed below. For a complete list of papers produced from cycad proceedings published by
NYBG Press, click here.

A Historical Perspective on Cycads from Antiquity to the Present                   
Paolo De Luca

Morphology and Systematics of the Cycadales      
Dennis Wm. Stevenson                              

Occurrence of Non-Coralloid Aerial Roots in Cycas              
D. D. Pant and Kabita Das                     

Studies of Cycad Reproduction at Fairchild Tropical Garden            
Knut J. Norstog

Micropropagation in Cycads         
Roy Osborne                                                                                         

Conservation Through Cultivation              
Cynthia Giddy                                                                                                       

Structural Arrangement of Phycobionts in Coralloid Roots of Cycads          
Maria Grilli Caiola     

Nitrogen and Carbon Metabolism in Coralloid Roots of Cycads      
Peter Lindblad

Cytotaxonomy of Cycads                 
Aldo Moretti          

Chemotaxonomic Significance of MAM Glycosides and Mucilages in Cycads             
Gesualdo Siniscalco Gigliano           

Flavonoid Chemistry and the Taxonomy of Cycads               
P. Mick Richardson                  

Notes on the Natural History of Two Species of Encephalartos from South Africa   
Yves Delange

Algunos Datos Etnobotanicos de las Cicadas en Mexico     
Mario Vazquez Torres                  

Investigation of the Natural Community of Cycas panzhihuaensis L. Zhou & S. Y. Yang 
Zhou Lin, Yang Siyuan, and Zhou Zheng

A New Species of Encephalartos (Zamiaceae) from Northeastern Zaire         
Paul Bamps and Stanislas Lisowski                    

A New Species of Encephalartos (Zamiaceae) from Tanzania
Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Aldo Moretti, and Paolo De Luca                 

Zamiaceae, a New Family for Zambia
François Malaisse, Jean-Pierre Sclavo, and Ian Turner

Chigua, A New Genus in the Zamiaceae, with Comments on Its Biogeograhic Significance
Dennis Wm. Stevenson              

West Indian and South American Cycads
Sergio Sabato                                 

On the Genus Glandulataenia nov. from the Triassic of Nidhpuri, India
Divya Darshan Pant                                

A World List of Cycads
Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Roy Osborne, and John Hendricks