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MEM 117 C03-Development Cycle of Ovule and Seed of Zamia furfuracea (Cycadales).

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08/08/2020 02:11:16
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The reproductive cycle in Zamia furfuracea, a coastal sand dune species, takes one year. Ovules during the initial stages of development as well as mature seeds were fixed, hand sectioned, and examined for polysaccharides and starch with iodine and periodic acid Schiff’s reagent, with oil red O for lipids, and naphthol blue black for proteins. Seed development for Z. furfuracea is completed in one year, from ovule initiation in June until the complete development of the embryo. Cell formation takes 3 weeks in September, and nutrient storage during the latter part of September. Seed coat hardening occurs at the beginning of November, when mature archegonia are present as well as first stages of suspensor development. Disseminules are dispersed during first half of December, at which time archegonia may be present and occasionally developing suspensors. Therefore, disseminules may or not be fertilized at the time of dispersal.

Keywords: reproductive cycle, ovule, seed, Zamiaceae