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MEM 117 C27-Repro. Pheno. of Zamia: Comp. BTW Wild Cycads & Cult. Counterparts.

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08/09/2020 02:12:20
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Prezygotic geographic isolation mechanisms have been cited as important factors in the speciation of the cycad genus Zamia L. Here we present data on strobili production event stages, including early and late, micro-and megastrobilus production, which were recorded from herbarium specimens. From this dataset, 22 Zamia species were selected based on quantity of available data. An additional 10,588 living-specimen phenological events from 14 Zamia species databased at Montgomery Botanical Center, Florida, were added for comparison. In total, phenology data for 22 species was recorded from preserved herbarium marital of known wild origin (around 40% of species in the genus) and up to 14 species from available cultivated data. Comparison of these data shows that there are distinct differences in the phenology of plants growing in the wild and those in cultivation. Furthermore, it appears that phenology may be an isolating factor for sympatric speciation, when taxa grow in close geographic proximity.


Keywords: phenology, Zamia, Cycadales, cone production, circular statistics