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Supplementary Notes on American Menispermaceae. Mem (20)2

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08/08/2020 02:06:08
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The examination of 645 new collections extend the knowledge of many species previously known from incomplete material. Fourteen species are described as new, and it has been found necessary to make three new combinations. New evidence on species used in the preparation of curare is presented. / Supplementary Notes on American Menispermaceae. VII. The examination of 123 new collections extend knowledge of many species an furnish range extensions fro 10 species. One new genus and two new species are described. / Revision of Neotropical Menispermaceae Tribe Tinosporeae. Tinosporeae is characterized by an albuminous seed, a straight embryo, and cotyledons laterally divaricate in the same horizontal plane. This revision includes keys and descriptions. / Supplementary Notes on the American Species of Erythrina. IV. Field Studies of Central American Species. Examination of 251 new collections adds substantially to knowledge of this genus in Central America. Seven new species are described and range extensions for many are noted. Includes descriptions and black and white illustrations.