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Proceedings of Cycad 2005: The 7th Intl Conference on Cycad Biology. Mem (97)

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7/10/2020 11:47:47 PM
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Cycads have been around for 250 million years, during which time they have retained seemingly unchanged features. The International Conference on Cycad Biology, held every three years since its inception in 1987, has become a prominent meeting centering on all aspects of the biology of this unusual and important group. This conference volume, the seventh in the series, includes 34 papers that represent the current state of knowledge about the evolution, pollination biology, ethnobotany, conservation status, and molecular biological aspects of the living cycads. Some of the articles are in Spanish, and all have Spanish and English abstracts.

Papers included in this volume are listed below. For a complete list of papers produced from cycad proceedings published by NYBG Press, click here.

Recovery Plans for Endangered Cycads: A Model Set of Objectives and Actions
Using the Example of Cycas megacarpa from Queensland, Australia   
Paul I. Forster

Ex situ Conservation of Microcycas calocoma, Zamia amblyphyllidia, Z. integrifolia,
Z. ottonis,
and Z. pygmaea germplasm at the National Botanic Garden, Cuba   
Julio C. Lazcano Lara                             

Taxonomía, Distribución y Estado de Conservación de Zamia en Ecuador             
Fernando Nicolalde-Morejón              

Managing Cycad Aulacaspis Scale (Aulacaspis yasumatsusi Takagi) at Montgomery Botanical Center, USA       
Christine Wiese and Catharine Mannion

Ecología de Ceratozamia aff. robusta en la Sierra Madre del Sur de Oaxaca         
Alma Delia Chávez González, Beatriz Rendón Aguilar, and Azucena De Lourdes Luna José                                                             

Herbivores and Chemical Defenses in Cycads—An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach              
Citlalli Castillo-Guevara                                                                                                    

Seed Dispersal Agents of Two Mexican Cycads          
Jeff Chemnick     

Ethnobotany of Honduran Cycads      
Mark A. Bonta

Cycads in the Vernacular—A Compendium of Local Names                 
Mark A. Bonta and Roy Osborne          

The Ethnomedicinal Use of Cycads in South Africa              
Errol Douwes and Christopher G. M. Dalzell          

Genomic Studies in Cycas rumphii Miquel               
Eric D. Brenner, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Manpreet S. Katari, Richard W. McCombie, Stephen A. Rudd,
Suzan J. Runko, Rob A. Martienssen, and Gloria M. Coruzzi               

Age Influences Photosynthetic Capacity of Cycas micronesica Leaves   
Thomas E. Marler

Water Economy of Macrozamia riedlei in the Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) Forest of Southwestern Western Australia     
John K. Marshall                  

The Vascularization of the Seed of Ceratozamia mexicana (Zamiaceae) 
María Ydelia Sánchez-Tinoco, E. Mark Engleman, and Stephen D. Kock

Defining the Role of BMAA and Its Potential Glutamate Receptor Targets in Arabidopsis thaliana and Cycas rumphii         
Eric D. Brenner, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Joanna Chiu, Suzan J. Runko, Peter M. Palenchar, and Gloria M. Coruzzi                   

Cyanobacteria, Cycads, and Neurodegenerative Disease among the Chamorro People of Guam
Paul Alan Cox, Sandra Anne Banack, and Susan J. Murch                 

Cycad-Induced Neurodegeneration in a Mouse Model of ALS-PDC: Is the Culprit Really BMAA, or Is a Novel Toxin to Blame?
Christopher A. Shaw, Jason M. B. Wilson, Reyneil Cruz-Aguado, Swaraj Singh, Erin L. Hawkes, Vivian Lee, and Thomas Marler

Hot and Smelly Sex! Theoretical Considerations of the Adaptive Significance of Cone Thermogenesis and
Volatile Odors in Cycad Reproduction

John S. Donaldson           

Evolution of Dioecy and Sex Chromosomes in Cycads
Root Gorelick and Roy Osborne                                 

Sex Change in Cycads—Cases, Causes, and Chemistry
Roy Osborne and Root Gorelick                               

Responses of Pollinating Thrips and Weevils to Specific Macrozamia Cycad Cone Volatiles 
Irene Terry, Gimme H. Walter, Craig Hull, and Chris Moore

Molecular Systematics in Amorphocerine Weevils on Encephalartos—Preliminary Results                
Douglas A. Downie and John S. Donaldson         

The Populations of Dioon caputoi in the Tehucacán-Cuicatlán Biosphere Reserve             
Juan C. Flores-Vázquez, Silvia Salas-Morales, and Alfredo Saynes-Vázquez         

Genetic Structure and Diversity of Dioon edule: A Comparison with Other Cycads               
Jorge González-Astorga and Andrew P. Vovides                

An Emended Description of Dioon mejiae Standl. & L. O.Williams (Zamiaceae)   
Jody L. Haynes and Mark A. Bonta

Overview of the Cycad Flora of Honduras     
Jody L. Haynes and Mark A. Bonta                  

The World List of Cycads [La Lista Mundial de Cícadas]
Ken D. Hill, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, and Roy Osborne

Unlocking the Coontie Conundrum: The Potential of Microsatellite DNA Studies in the Caribbean
Zamia pumila Complex (Zamiaceae)     
Alan W. Meerow, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Jeremy Moynihan, and Javier Francisco-Ortega                   

Variación morfológica y genética del complejo Ceratozamia miqueliana H.A. Wendl. (Cycadales, Zamiaceae)
Miguel A. Pérez-Farrera, Andrew P. Vovides, Dolores González, Luis Hernández Sandoval y Mahinda Martínez                 

Cycas annaikalensis from the Western Ghats of India with a Discussion on the Specific Limits of Cycas circinalis L. 
Rita Singh, P. Radha, and Prabha Sharma

Variablity of Natural Populations and Conservation Issues Facing Plicate-Leaved
Zamia Species in Central and Western Panama

Alberto S. Taylor, Jody L. Haynes, Gregory Holzman, and Jorge Mendieta              

Morphological Variation of Dioon (Zamiaceae) from the Pacific Slope of Mexico Using a Multivariate Analysis
Georgina Vargas Amado, Jorge Alberto Pérez de la Rosa, José Pablo Torres Morán, and Waldina Patricia Reyes Velázquez                                 

Subdivision of Encephalartos
Piet Vorster                                

The Cycads of Mexico: 25 Years of Research and Conservation
Andrew P. Vovides, Jorge González-Astorga, Miguel Angel Pérez-Farrera, Dolores González,
Christina Bárcenas, and Carlos Iglesias