MEM 97 C08-Ethnobotany of Honduran Cycads.

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08/08/2020 02:10:21

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Ethnobotanical studies of Cycadales, though scarce, are crucial to our understanding of the order. The current study illustrates the range and depth of human relationships with cycads, describing uses for �ve species in three genera (Ceratozamia, Dioon, and Zamia) of Zamiaceae in Honduras. My intent is not only to document and outline a speci�c regional cycad ethnobotany but also to provide an example of the type of ethnobotanical data that need to be systematically recorded, analyzed, and published for cycads in other regions, and to supplement current knowledge, update historical records, and contribute to cycad protection and conservation strategies. Speci�cally, the current study records historical and contemporary alimentary, decorative, medicinal, and other uses, vernacular nomenclature, folk beliefs, and functions within human-affected ecosystems, including de facto and de jure traditional protective measures as well as intercropping of cycads and other food plants.