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The International Conference on Cycad Biology, held every 3 years since its inception in 1987, is a prominent meeting centering on all aspects of the biology of this unusual, important, and interesting group of plants. The conference stimulates research in fields as diverse as horticulture and neurobiology: it also promotes ex-situ and in-situ conservation globally. Having survived for 250 million years, cycads now find themselves endangered as a result of human activity. This volume, comprised of 30 papers, addresses the issue from angles that include conservation biology, pest control, the role of insects and birds in cycad biology, and the role of cycads in various human cultural contexts.

Papers included in this Digital Download are listed below.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)/Species Survival Commission (SSC) Cycad Specialist Group Ex situ Conservation and Recovery Programme (CSG-ECRP)                   
Anders J. Lindtrom

Cycad Aulacaspis Scale Invades the Mariana Islands      
Thomas E. Marler                             

SERBO and the Cycads of Oaxaca, Mexico             
Silvia H. Salas-Morales and Jeffrey Chemnick              

How Critical Are the Early Life-cycle Stages in the Population Ecology of Cycads? A Case Study with Dioon merolae in Southeastern Mexico       
Juan C. Flores-Flores-Vázquez, Teresa Valverde, and José L. Lucas-González

Time, Place, and Relationships: Cycad Phenology in a Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Context       
M. Patrick Griffith, Michael A. Calonje, Dennis W. Stevenson, Chad E. Husby, and Damon P. Little

Sinkhole and Karst Habitat of Ceratozamia latifolia and Related Mexican Cycads         
Geoffrey Hoese    

Germinación de Semillas de Dioon merolae, una Cícada de Oaxaca, México, Bajo Diferentes Tratamientos de Riego          
José L. Lucas-González and Juan C. Flores-Vázquez    

Pollination Systems of Island Cycads: Predictions Based on Island Biogeography     
Irene Terry, William Tang, and Thomas Marler

Cycads and Human Life Cycles: Outline of a Symbology                 
Mark Bonta          

The Ethnobotany of Cycas in the States of Assam and Meghalaya, India              
Khuraijam Jibankumar Singh and Rita Singh

Notes on the Ethnobotany of Panamanian Cycads               
Alberto S. Taylor Blake             

Harvest, Use, and Ecology of Cycas circinalis L.— A Case Study in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve Area, Western Ghats, India  
Anita Varghese, Vandana Krishnamurthy, and Tamara Ticktin

Some Aspects of the Foliar Anatomy of Two Zamia Species from Costa Rica: Z. fairchildiana L. D. Gómez and 
Z. neurophyllidia D.W.Stev.     

Rafael Acuña-Castillo and Walter A. Marín-Méndez                 

Population Genetics of Zamia in Puerto Rico, a Study with Ten SSR Loci
Alan W. Meerow, Javier Francisco-Ortega, Tomás Ayala-Silva, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, and Kyoko Nakamura

Population Genetic Diversity in the Dioon edule Lindl. Species Complex (Zamiaceae, Cycadales): 
Evidence from Microsatellite Data     
Jeremy Moynihan, Andrew P. Vovides, J. González-Astorga, and Javier Francisco-Ortega                

Starch Accumulation in the Megagametophyte of Ceratozamia mexicana Brongn. and Zamia furfuracea L.f.
María Ydelia Sánchez-Tinoco, José Rubén Ordóñez-Balderas, and E. Mark Engleman              

The Effect of Taproot Pruning and AMF Mycorrhiza on Growth and Development of Dioon angustifolium Miq. Seedlings
Andrew P. Vovides, Carlos Iglesias, Melquiades Cruz, Julieta Hernández Reyes, Laura Hernández Cuevas, and 
Sonia Galicia Castellanos

Cycad-induced Neurodegeneration Is Different in Rat and Mouse Models of ALS- PDC
P. Yarowsky, Kimberly A. McDowell, Wei-Bin Shen, J.M.B. Wilson, R. Cruz-Aguado, Thomas E. Marler, and C. A. Shaw         

Entomofauna Asociada a Dioon sp. nov. y Actividad de los Insectos Polinizadores en San Jerónimo Taviche, Oaxaca, México
M. F. Maldonado-Ruiz and Juan C. Flores-Vázquez                                

Comparison of Experimental Measurements and Predictions from Biophysical Models of Thermogenic Events in Cones ofMacrozamia lucidaM. macleayi, and Cycas micronesica
Robert Roemer, Irene Terry, Gimme Walter, and Thomas E. Marler                              

Role of Cycad Cone Volatile Emissions and Thermogenesis in the Pollination of Encephalartos villosus Lem.: Preliminary Findings from Studies of Plant Traits and Insect Responses 
Terence N. Suinyuy, John S. Donaldson, Steven D. Johnson, and J. DeWet Bösenberg

Distribution and Evolutionary Patterns of the Cycad Weevil Genus Rhopalotria (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea: Belidae) with Emphasis on the Fauna of Panama                
William Tang and Charles W. O’Brien       

An Overview of Cycad Pollination Studies            
Irene Terry, William Tang, Alberto S. Taylor Blake, John S. Donaldson, Rita Singh, Andrew P. Vovides, and Angélica Cibrián Jaramillo       

Volatile Emissions, Thermogenesis, and Dehiscence Patterns of Macrozamia communis (Zamiaceae): Implications for Cycad Pollination Research              
Thomas C. Wallenius, Rod Peakall, Wolf J. Wanjura, Sylwek Chyb, and Rolf G. Oberprieler             

Zamia lindleyi: A Misunderstood Species from the Highlands of Western Panama
Michael A. Calonje, Alberto S. Taylor Blake, Dennis W. Stevenson, Gregory Holzman, and Yan Arley Ramos

Arbuscular Micorrhizal Fungi in Three Species of Mexican Cycads     
Julieta Hernández Reyes, Andrew P. Vovides, Yaqueline A. Gheno-Heredia, and Laura Hernández Cuevas               

A Phylogenetic Study of Dioon Lindl. (Zamiaceae, Cycadales), Based on Morphology, Nuclear Ribosomal DNA, a Low- copy Nuclear Gene and Plastid RFLPs
Jeremy Moynihan, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Carl E. Lewis, Andrew P. Vovides, Paolo Caputo, and Javier Francisco-Ortega

The World List of Cycads    
Roy Osborne, Michael A. Calonje, Ken D. Hill, Leonie Stanberg, and Dennis Wm. Stevenson              

Cone Size in the Florida Cycad, Zamia integrifolia: Trade-off between Seed Size and Seed Number
William Tang             

The Zamia skinneri (Cycadales: Zamiaceae) Complex in Panama
Alberto S. Taylor Blake, Jody L. Haynes, and Greg Holzman