C19-Entomofauna Asociada a Dioon sp. nov. en Oaxaca, México. MEM 106

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7/10/2020 1:08:37 AM

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The species richness of insects associated with Dioon was studied from July to October, 2005, in St. Jerónimo Taviche Ocotlán, Oaxaca. Insects were collected by indirect (sticky traps) and direct methods. We identified insects of six orders and 21 families. The most abundant family was Belidae. The insect pollinators are considered the order Coleoptera, families Belidae and Corylophidae. The seed sarcotesta is consumed by Atta (Myrmicidae). We also observed the herbivory of young leaflets by caterpillars of Eumaeus childrenae.


This paper is in Spanish.