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MEM 117 C05-Intro. to IUCN Spp. Info. System Database for Cycad Red List Assess.

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08/10/2020 02:11:04
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The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)/Species Survival Commission (SSC) Red List of Threatened Speciesâ„¢ is the globally recognized standard for assessing the threatened status of different organisms. The assessments require specific information that is then assessed in terms of different criteria to determine the threatened status. Until recently, individual specialist groups had to gather and collate their own information to support these assessments. However, the IUCN/SSC now has an online database that enables contributors from all over the world to contribute data, check assessments, and provide narratives for species that have been assessed. This Species Information System is a powerful tool that can aid ongoing cycad assessments, and the cycad data has been loaded and is available via this system.

Keywords: database, IUCN Species Information System, Red List