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A Revision of the American Species of Rourea Subgenus Rourea. Mem (26)1

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08/07/2020 02:05:52
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The genus Rourea (Connaraceae) is pantropical in distribution with all species woody and ranging from shrubs to small trees and woody vines, with the twigs sometimes vining. When woody vines, they sometimes reach the top of tall trees, up to 30m or more, and have for that reason been mistaken for trees by some collectors. This volume treats the American species of Rourea Subgenus Rourea. Included are keys, descriptions, distribution maps, and black and white illustrations. / A Revision of the Genus Hackelia (Boraginaceae) in North America, North of Mexico. Hackelia is a genus of wide distribution and contains biennial, perennial, or rarely annual herbaceous plants. These so-called "stickseeds" (glochidiate prickles on the nutlets) occupy a wide range of habitats and encompass some attractive species, worthy of cultivation. This treatment recognizes 34 taxa, 28 species and includes keys, descriptions, and distribution maps.