This Issue Commemorating the 70th Birthday of Dr. Josiah L. Lowe. Mem (28)1

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7/10/2020 10:47:57 PM
Scientists often achieve recognition and respect, perform innovative researches, develop and express theories, deduce relationships, inspire students, or train competent, thoughtful, and industrious students. Josiah Lincoln Lowe (1905 - 1997) excelled continuously in each of these criteria for over forty years. The multiple contributions and world-wide influences of Professor Lowe are reflected in this commemorative collection of 25 papers, all of which concern one or more aspects of taxonomic mycology, his premier interest. Eighteen deal with classification in the Basidiomycetes. Seventeen of these present development, genetics, and cultural characters as well as classical morphology of stages in the Mymenomycetes in the order Aphyllophorales, his principal group of study.