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Hudson Valley Seed Library - For the Birds Flower Mix

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06/05/2024 14:29:58
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Flowers feed our souls. But they also feed many other creatures: they provide nectar to bees, and their seedheads yield food for our avian relatives. This mix of annuals should not be deadheaded; the seed heads produced after the flowers fade are a buffet for birds of all kinds—an array of sustaining flavors and textures that beckon them from the perimeter of your garden. Their swoops and dives as they harvest are a dance of thanks for your generosity. Gardening as a hobby? It’s for the birds—literally!

Contains Sunspot Sunflower, Partridge Pea, Phlox, Blue Flax, Gayfeather, Shasta Daisy, Prairie Coneflower, and Black-Eyed Susan.

500 seeds sow a 3'x10' garden plot.