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Orchids for Dummies 2nd Ed.

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02/15/2024 15:39:13
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Orchids display more beautiful and exotic flowers than you’ll find on other flowering plants, but they do require some love and care to grow well. With help from Orchids For Dummies, anyone can be successful in growing and flowering these gorgeous and fragrant plants in their garden or home! This step-by-step guide shows you how to select orchids that will thrive in your own unique environment and how to water, fertilize, repot, and propagate them on your own. You’ll learn to decipher complicated orchid names (“phalaenopsis,” anyone?) and create spectacular displays. You’ll also discover: New information about updated plant and orchid classification systems so you can know what to buy at your local garden center or store Expanded info on moth orchids, one of the most popular varieties of the plant sold in the world today Updated instructions on which pesticides, fertilizers, and potting materials you should be using Perfect for amateur gardeners, orchid-lovers, and anyone interested in growing these exquisite flowers on their own, Orchids For Dummies will turn your thumb green in no time at all!