Orchids Handbook

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02/15/2024 13:48:32

A colorful, practical handbook for orchid lovers everywhere! Michael Tibbs' latest book brings life to a world of orchids as he discusses their cultivation, care, and lively presence in the world.

Orchids Handbook: A Practical Guide to the Care and Cultivation of 40 Popular Orchid Species and Their Hybrids welcomes amateurs and seasoned orchid owners alike to the mysterious, magical world of growing these delicate and extraordinary flowers. Brought to life with photographs and detailed diagrams of orchids from across the globe, Michael's in-depth look into the world of orchids even offers orchid classification and biology for those interested in the scientific nature of the flowers. He offers advice on how to choose orchids, how to start an orchid collection of your own, orchid cultivation, dealing with orchid pests and disease, choosing orchids for different climates, and he even covers how to enter your orchid into an orchid competition!

Michael is an internationally renowned orchid expert, has been the owner of nurseries in both the UK and South Africa, and is still a successful breeder of orchids on four continents. His book is designed for ease of use and reference, being full of information essential for beginners and helpful for experienced orchid growers. Go ahead and embrace your inner-orchid enthusiast with this go-to reference for growing, caring for, and cultivating orchids. It's time to see your orchids come to life!