An Annotated Index to Species & Infraspecific Taxa of Agaricales. Mem (40)

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08/10/2020 02:06:47
William A. Murrill (1869 - 1957) described 1453 new species and varieties in 83 genera of agarics and boletes between 1909 and 1955. Although he described some new genera, only Marasmiellus, Polymarasmius, Suillellus, and Volvariopsis are based on new species. Most of the type specimens are in NY and FLAS, but substantial original material of some species is located in FH, MICH and TENN. this paper provides an index to the species and varieties, including new names, described by Murrill. It also includes information on location of type material, synonymy and type studies, and cites works redescribing or discussing Murrill's taxa.