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Rondeletieae (Rubiaceae). Flora Neotropica (77)

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7/10/2020 11:28:17 PM
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Rondeletieae (Rubiaceae) Part I. ( Rustia, Tresanthera, Condaminea, Picardaea, Pogonopus, Chimarrhis, Dioicodendron, Molopanthera, Dolichodelphys, and Parachimarrhis) by Piero G. Delprete This title is monograph 77 in the Flora Neotropica series. This is the first part of a monographic treatment of the tribe Rondeletieae. The Rondeletieae belong to the family Rubiaceae (coffee and quinine family), the fourth largest family of flowering plants. This book includes a taxonomic history of the Rubiaceae (with emphasis on Rondeletieae); a key to the 42 neotropical genera; detailed studies of seed and pollen morphology; and the systematic treatment of the 40 species and six varieties included in the 10 genera covered by this work. Complete synonymy, typifications, descriptions, and distribution ranges for all genera and species are presented, and illustrations are provided for many of the taxa.