New Combinations and New Taxa of Mosses by Nils Conrad Kindberg. Mem (28)2

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08/08/2020 02:05:51
Between 1888 - 1910, Dr. Nils Conrad Kindberg of Linköping, Sweden---an author and researcher of sound generic concepts---published more than 50 papers that concerned in some way the mosses of North America. These were based almost entirely on the very extensive collections made over a period of several decades by John Macoun, that great field collector, explorer and naturalist of the prairies, plains, and mountains of southern Canada. Notwithstanding Kindberg's expertise at the generic level, at the specific and subspecific level his body of work---with multiple and overlapping published reports based on the same collections plus inadequate vouchering of new names--- has turned out to be a major disaster for later authors of works on mosses.This volume, an attempt to clear out the underbrush for moss researchers and authors, is a list of the unbelievably large number of new names and new combinations that Kindberg proposed, along with the identification of the place and date of publication of each one.