Coastal Garden Plants: Maine to Maryland

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09/21/2023 10:29:36
Discover and enjoy the flowers, shrubs, and trees of America’s northern coastal region. Stroll through Portland, Boston Common, New York City, Philadelphia, and the Baltimore Harbor, and delight in getting to know the natural beauty that makes your excursion a gardener's paradise. In this informative guide, over 400 vibrant color photographs taken in natural settings allow readers to see the flora as it was meant to be seen, in the garden. While this book contains historical, mythological, and original tales about the garden plants of the northern coastal region, with a handy cross reference names index, it may also be used as a quick reference guide. As captured here, whether a visitor to one of the East Coast’s many botanical gardens, a home landscaper or a native plant enthusiast, there is an abundance of wonder along the coast for every nature lover! Gardeners from Augusta, Maine, to Dover, Delaware, will find this book enlightening and enjoyable.