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Alice's Tea Party & Cocktails

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06/27/2024 12:12:12
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Everything you need to create your own whimsical Mad Hatter’s tea party. “We’re all mad here!” Want to throw your own Alice in Wonderland–themed garden party? This beautiful deck of cards contains cocktails and sweet and savory finger food, as well as guides to invitations, venue ideas, what to wear, place settings, decorations, conversation starters, party games, and riddles to know and tell. Whether you’re going full Mad Hatter or just want to enjoy a quirky cocktail in a china teapot with friends, you’ll find everything you need down this rabbit hole—including recipes for garden-party classics such as a Pimm’s royale, a cucumber gin spritz, baked figs, goat cheese–and-tomato galettes, and lemon madeleines.