A Revision of the Genus Cinchona & Systematics of Erisma. Mem (80-81)

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08/09/2020 02:09:18
The revision aims to improve the reputation of one of the most infamous genera of Andean plants: Cinchona. Occurring spontaneously in premontane and montane forests from central Bolivia to northern Colombia and Venezuela, Cinchona is medically important as a source of quinine. The goal of this treatment is to sort out many of the 330 names used and species ascribed to this group by taxonomists and pharmacists from the late 18th century to the present. Includes keys, descriptions, illustrations, phylogenetic analyses, and distribution maps. / The 16 species that comprise the genus Erisma (Vochysiaceae) are tall trees predominantly in terra firme forests of the Amazon region, most of them with a limited distribution. This treatment includes a key to the species of Erisma, synonymy, descriptions, distribution, habitat, local names, uses, and specimens examined. Keys to the tribes and genera of Vochysiaceae are also provided.