Wonders in the Garden!

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08/11/2020 02:11:08
NYBG Press is pleased to offer this set of three books written by Anne Mottola and beautifully illustrated by Maria Mottola. What Grows in the Garden? is the first of a series of three children's books to be published by NYBG Press. From broccoli to tomatoes, this book offers beautiful full-color illustrations intended for children ages 4 to 8 and older. Children learn where vegetables are grown. But do they know how they grow and what part of the plant is edible? This book offers an engaging story of 12 different types of vegetables started from either seeds, transplants, or bulbs. What Lives in the Garden? This title is the second of a series of three children's books planned to be offered, and packaged, as a set for younger readers ages 4 to 8 and older. Do you know there are animals that help to make healthy soil and plants? Learn what these animals are as well as other animals that might live in your garden. Have you stopped to smell the roses lately? Have you taken a bite out of a fresh vegetable picked right off the vine? What Do You Sense in the Garden? Explores the use of all five of our senses while either working or playing in the garden. Children will love the colorful, full-page illustrations as you read how they can discover new smells, textures, tastes, sounds and sights in your garden.