True Love Seeds - Plate de Haiti Tomato

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01/10/2024 12:15:09
Prolific, vermilion red, apple-shaped tomato that has been associated with Hispaniola since the 1550s. Right up until frost, this indeterminate tomato produces endless 2-inch fruits that are flavorful when eaten fresh, and even better in sauce. According to William Woys Weaver who shared the seeds with Pentridge Children's Garden, this variety was first documented in Conrad Gessner's Historia Plantarum in 1561. In 1793, the Creole refugees who fled the successful uprising of enslaved people in Haiti brought this tomato with them. Dr. Weaver was able to find this tomato depicted in paintings of that time period made by the Peale family of Philadelphia, well before it became a popular food in North America (see Still Life: Balsam Apples and Vegetables, 1820 by James Peale). The kids at Pentridge Children's Garden in West Philadelphia explore the history of the Haitian Revolution while growing and eating this tomato.

Soul Fire Farm remits 100% of their proceeds from the sales of their seeds to the Stockbridge Munsee Band of the Mohican Nation.

Days to maturity: 80

Seeds per pack: 25

Germination rate: 95% on 11/30/2021