Swartzia (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae, Swartzieae. Flora Neotropica (1)

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08/08/2020 02:06:42
Part VII of The Botany of the Guayana Highland includes the following contributions: Pterozonium, Filicales: Polypodiaceae, by David B. Lellinger; the subfamily Mapanioideae of the Cyperaceae, by Tetsuo Koyama; Abolboda, Abolbodaceae, by Bassett Maguire; Euphorbiaceae, by Eugene Jablonski; Bombacaceae, by André Robyns; Lentibulariaceae, by Peter Taylor; Labiatae, by Carl Epling and Carlos Játiva; Rubiaceae, by Julian A. Steyermark; and Compositae, by Bassett Maguire. / Botany of the Chimanta Massif. II. The Chimantá Massif of the Chimantá Massif of Gran Sabana, Venezuela, probably the largest of the Rorâima-formation mountains, has been the subject of shared explorations by The New York Botanical Garden, the Chicago Natural History Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History.