Stylish Succulents: Japanese Inspired Container Gardens for Small Spaces

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10/26/2022 10:30:44
Make inexpensive succulent projects with a Japanese aesthetic--whether you're an interior designer, avid gardener, small space enthusiast or gardening beginner!

Colorful and hardy succulent plants are perfect for creating Japanese-style Ikebana arrangements for any space--whether perched on your work desk, coffee table or as a centerpiece! Stylish Succulents presents a totally new approach to container gardening.

The book is divided into four chapters:

Planting Succulents in Containers
Using Succulents to Add Color to Walls: Creating Wreaths and Tableaux
Hanging Succulents
Living with Succulents

Learn to mix-and-match to create unique succulent groupings--trendy, low maintenance succulents come in hundreds of different colors, sizes, shapes and textures. Every design is carefully explained using detailed step-by-step instructions and photos, including:

How to choose succulents and containers to match your personal space and mood
How to utilize empty wall spaces to make dramatic hanging planters
How to make a lovely wreath for the holidays
How to create thoughtful and inexpensive succulent gifts for plant lovers

Gardeners of every level can create these miniature works of art using with relatively little time and money. The possibilities are truly endless!