Principles of Floral Design: An Illustrated Guide

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12/09/2021 13:13:55
Principles of Floral Design: An Illustrated Guide introduces the hands-on skills and theory required to begin a career as a floral designer. This heavily illustrated textbook begins by introducing the floriculture industry and careers, the history of floriculture, and design principles and elements. The textbook then presents the various types of products used in floral designs, before progressing to common floral applications and events. This modern and visual introduction to floral design will appeal to students who are interested in careers in the industry and to those who take the course as a fine arts elective.

Highly illustrated Step-by-Step Procedures throughout the textbook provide clear instruction covering floral design basics, such as taping and gluing, to creating full-size floral arrangements.

The extensive end-of-chapter materials—including a chapter summary, review questions, critical thinking questions, STEM and academic activities, and ideas for SAEs—provide instructors with ample material for students to review and reinforce chapter material and help students connect floral design content to career and college readiness skills.

Extensive illustrated glossaries of flowers, foliage, and potted and flowering plants serve as an excellent reference and as a study aid for student competitions.