Prairie Moon Nursery - Tall Thimbleweed

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04/06/2023 13:07:16
Tall Thimbleweed has long-lasting, off-white flowers, and as with the other anemones, what appear to be petals are actually colored sepals. The thimble-like seed heads are ornamental, becoming fluffy when they disperse their seed. This makes them fun multi-season plants of interest. Tall thimbleweed prefers open woods and clearings.

When fruiting, the species of Thimbleweed can usually be determined by the shape of the seed head. Anemone cylindrica has a cylindrical seed head less than 1 cm in diameter, while Anemone virginiana has an ovoid seed head often more than 1 cm in diameter. Before the seed head is developed, it is best to look at the leaves along the flowering stem. Anemone virginiana usually has 3 leaves at the base of the inflorescence, and a pair of leaves on each flower stem. Anemone cylindrica usually has more than three leaves at the base of the inflorescence, but no additional leaves on the flower stems.

Tall Thimbleweed is also called Virginia Anemone.