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Prairie Moon Nursery - Spotted Bee Balm Seeds

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03/26/2024 14:44:56
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Spotted Bee Balm (also called Dotted Mint or Dotted Horsemint) prefers sandy soils and full to part sun. Spotted Bee Balm is more drought tolerant of drought and sun than many other Monarda species. This plant is usually found in sand prairies, hill prairies, and Oak savannas.

It is an eccentric beauty in form and color with complex blossoms topping 2’ stems in hues of pinkish-purple, green, beige, and maroon. These blossoms attract honeybees, bumblebees, and many butterflies, including Karner Blue butterfly. Spotted Bee Balm is also one of the host plants for the Raspberry pyrausta butterfly. The scent of this plant is repugnant to mammalian herbivores so is rarely consumed by them.