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Prairie Moon Nursery - Nodding Onion Seeds

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05/06/2024 14:18:24
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Nodding Onion in renowned for the unique orientation of its flowers: the umbels face downward, "nodding" towards the ground. Pom-poms of star-like blossoms dangle from each hooked stem, blooming in shades of cream, pale pink, and light lavender. This tendency gives pollinating bees a priority because they are not phased by gathering nectar and pollen while hanging upside-down, but it does deter many other insects. The nodding habit may also protect the nectar from the elements.

Allium cernuum grows best in full or partial sun and a variety of moist soil conditions; if those needs are met, this plant is very hardy, even doing well in damp clay. This plant is easy to grow, and will gradually spread by seed and bulb offshoots in suitable sites. Plant in mass for a stunning display. Like all the Allium species, Nodding Onion has a pungent smell when crushed or bruised, making it deer-resistant.

Can be used in the kitchen like chives. Native American tribes have used the bulbs of Nodding Onion as a treatment for croup, colic, colds and fevers.