Perfection of the Finite

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The Floral Arrangements of Ed Merrin

Photographs by Ismael Ramirez
With an introduction by Andrea Codrington Lippke and foreword by Gregory Long

With a passion for nature, the discerning eye of an art dealer, and a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity, Ed Merrin creates striking floral arrangements using materials as diverse as lotus and kale, seed pods and summer grasses. Working informally and intuitively in his home studio, and starting with a vase selected from one of the dozens he has collected, Merrin transforms clutches of his favorite blossoms, plants, and vines into beautiful floral tableaux. Photographed artfully by Ismael Ramirez, some arrangements recall Old Master paintings with their rich tones and quiet balance; others the bright color and vitality of a midsummer garden; still others the sculptural discipline of ikebana. This beautifully printed volume is a collection of seventy-eight of Merrin's arrangements created over a period of two years and published here for the first time.

This book includes a foreword by Gregory Long, President of The New York Botanical Garden, and an insightful profile of Merrin by Andrea Codrington Lippke.

Through the generosity of Mr. Merrin, all proceeds from the sale of Perfection of the Finite benefit the many worthwhile projects of The New York Botanical Garden.

Hardcover, 116 pages
11.25'' x 13''
Trifolio S.R.L., Verona, Italy, 2011
Published by The New York Botanical Garden