Orchid Travel Size Perfume

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06/21/2022 11:28:41
Developed in Partnership with Caswell-Massey to celebrate the opening of the 2019 Orchid Show: Singapore. Part of our Living Florals Collection derived directly from specific flowers cultivated by NYBG Master Gardeners and Botanists, and perfected by Senior Perfumer Laurent LeGuernec.

Orchid is a lovely, delicate Living Floral Perfume with complexity, sophistication, and poise. Derived from a Cattleya Orchid selected from the collection of rare & prized hybrids at the New York Botanical Garden. Known for its exceptional color, beauty, and fragrance.

Product Details:
One 0.5 oz (15 ml) spray bottle
Fragrance Oil Manufactured with Solar Power in Hazlet, NJ
Made in the USA with the highest quality fragrance oils.
Plant-based, Not tested on animals
20% Concentration