Hudson Valley Seed Library - Flashback Calendula Mix

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12/22/2020 22:03:48
Where do our garden heirlooms come from? Sometimes from the hands and minds—and tastes—and hearts!—of visionaries. Heirlooms are a flashback in time, but they’re not static. One of the people that future gardeners will be telling stories about is Frank Morton. For over 25 years, Frank has been selecting and crossing, discovering, and creating new open-pollinated varieties of lettuce, kale, broccoli, herbs, and flowers. Rather than seek to control, patent, or license these exciting crosses, Frank releases them to the public, encouraging what he calls "Ecological Crop Improvement". One of his creations is this colorful Flashback Calendula, so named for the splashes of deep red color on the backs of the petals. It’s destined to become an heirloom of tomorrow! Select seed from your favorites and create your own artistic interpretation.