Hudson Valley Seed Library - Common Sage

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12/22/2020 22:06:52
The name “sage” comes from the Latin verb salvere, meaning “to heal”—the plant is said to be able to heal almost everything. But the word sage also refers to wisdom, especially the wisdom of age. “Some ask how Man can die where thou dost grow,” wrote Sir John Harington in 1607. “The name betokens wise and saving, we count it nature’s friend and worth the having.” Grow with sage by your side in the garden. It will return each spring to the garden just like you: older, wiser, and more generous.

If the idea of growing perennial herbs from seed intimidates you, don't be shy of sage. It is extremely easy to grow, and puts on a lot of growth in the first year. In the second year, it will delight you with beautiful purplish-pink flowers.

The culinary uses are endless: fried sage on roasted squash, mixed in with soups and pastas, delicious with caramelized onions on pizza–the possibilities go on and on. Just a few plants will provide enough sage to eat fresh and dry for an entire year.