Hudson Valley Seed Library - Black Futsu Squash

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08/02/2022 11:38:27
There is something irresistible about a bumpy squash. Outside, its folds and crevices comprise a complicated topography, suggesting depth and history. Inside, its glowing flesh radiates sweetness and comfort. Together, this type of squash conveys a parable of sorts: that complexity can comfort, that intricate textures can envelop sweet truths. This squash also provided comfort to soup kitchen patrons; after our crew extracted the seeds, volunteers turned the flesh into a free meal.

Black Futsu is an heirloom Japanese pumpkin with attractive, deeply ribbed, bumpy skin that cures from deep black-green to a warm orange buff color. Edible skin, and fine, nutty-flavored flesh. Great roasted, fried in tempura, pureed in pies or soups, or pickled! 3-5 fruits per plant, averaging 3 lbs. each.