Harmony and Grit: Papers Celebrating the Holmgrens. Mem (108)

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08/07/2020 02:11:19
The ambitious and expansive Intermountain Flora Project spanned three generations of botanists and the better part of a century. Conceived in the 1940s by Bassett Maguire, the project began in earnest in the 1960s, driven by Maguire's students Arthur Holmgren and Arthur Cronquist. By the time the first volume of Intermountain Flora was published, in 1972, Noel Holmgren (son of Arthur) and Patricia Kern Holmgren (Noel's new bride) had joined the project and committed themselves to seeing it through to completion. In August 2012, forty years after that first volume, the final volume of Intermountain Flora was published. Colleagues, friends, and admirers of Noel and Pat Holmgren marked the momentous occasion by contributing papers to this celebratory volume.