Grammitid Ferns: Lellingeria, Melpomene, Alansmia. Flora Neotropica (111-113)

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08/07/2020 02:11:19
I. F. ecuadorensis - taxonomic treatment. Especially diverse in the Andes, F. ecuadorensis is one of the largest genera of grammitid ferns in the Neotropics. It is represented by 49 species, which grow primarily as epiphytes in tropical forests at high elevations. / II. Melpomene - systematic revision. Twenty-nine neotropical species and 10 varieties are recognized. Occurring at 400-5200m elevation in varied habitats, distribution is Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, and tropical South America, with one disjunction to Africa, Madagascar, and the Mascarenes. / III. Alansmia - taxonomic monograph. Twenty-five species and 2 varieties of this primarily neotropical, epiphytic genus are presented. Occurrence is predominantly in montane forests but also lowland forests and páramos.