Ginger Root Infused Maple Syrup

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08/04/2022 05:03:05
Pure maple syrup is great, and everyone can agree. However, Runamok is living up to their name and spicing things up with their Ginger Root Infused Maple Syrup. Made in the USA, this syrup is 100% pure maple, but just with a twist. Using fresh, organic ginger, the possibilities are endless. This syrup can be used in tea, pastries, vinaigrettes, and stirfries. The bite of the ginger also makes it pair well with spirits and cocktails from A - Z. No wonder it won the "Best New Product" from the Specialty Food Association's "Sofi" award in Dessert Sauce, Topping, & Syrup category. Try using this stuff with your morning pancakes, waffles, pound cake, or even ice cream. Runamok's Ginger Root Infused Maple Syrup is seriously good, and you won't want to miss out!

Made in the USA
100% pure maple syrup
Vegan-friendly | GMO-free | Gluten-free | No added preservatives
Ginger Root-infused: fresh organic ginger with a bite for all creative recipes
Great for waffles, pancakes, french toasts, fruit slices, vinaigrettes, and stirfries
It comes in a beautiful bottle that makes it easily giftable
Capacity: 8.45oz