Fruition Seeds - Organic Tromboncino Squash

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03/15/2022 14:24:12
HEIRLOOM The Italian trombone squash, deliciously resistant to squash vine borer!

We love Organic Tromboncino Squash as an abundant and ebullient summer squash; we harvest when her neck is the diameter of a banana for peak flavor. Tromboncino has fabulously large squash blossoms for stuffing, as well! Trellised fruits grow straight while the fruits along the ground spiral exquisitely.

As a massive winter squash, Tromboncino is endlessly impressive to feast our eyes upon though her flesh is more watery and less sweet than classic butternut, so nothing to write home about. That being said, we enjoy her nonetheless! Our favorite way to prepare mature Tromboncino is to slice the neck into large, thin coins to roast with plenty of oil, salt and pepper to make delightful Tromboncino ‘chips’ for snacking or hilarious sandwiches.