Fruition Seeds - Organic Intersectionality Hulless Acorn Squash

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06/01/2022 15:17:27
Each lusciously sweet acorn squash is filled with delectably hulless confectionary-style seeds, packed with protein & fondly called pepitas. The best of both worlds! In the 1980s, Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term ‘intersectionality’ to describe the unique oppression of African-American women. This squash honors the vulnerability and courage of our sisters as well as the extraordinary capacity of all of us to believe in seeds and indeed, be the seeds of healing, transformation and vitality.

Rather than a sprawling vine, Organic Intersectionality Hulless Acorn Squash is early maturing on a compact bush thriving in gardens and raised beds as well as large containers with plenty of fertility. Similar to Delicata, acorns are delicious right off the vine in September, unlike most winter squash requiring curing to draw out their depth of flavor. Enjoyed before the New Year, even the skin is edible!

In a world needing us to see our interdependence as nourishing, may Intersectionality teach us the delicious possibilities of growing ourselves as well as our gardens.