Ferns, Spikemosses, Clubmosses and Quillworts of Eastern North America

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03/25/2024 10:46:50

The author, Emily Sessa, is a Director at the New York Botanical Garden's William and Lynda Steere Herbarium, one of the largest and most prestigious herbariums in the world.

Modern and innovative, this is the definitive guide to the ferns and lycophytes of eastern North America, which will appeal to beginners and experts alike and enhance the field experience of any user..

  • Covers all 305 species, belonging to 96 genera and 30 families
  • Features detailed color photos of all species—and facing-page species descriptions
  • Provides checklists for keeping track of species seen
  • Includes common and scientific names and notable synonyms

Keys, range maps, detailed color photographs, and facing-page species descriptions aid exploration and allow reliable identification of all 305 species found in the area covered by the book—the United States east of the Mississippi and contiguous Canada, except for extreme northern and northeastern Canada. An introduction provides an easy-to-understand overview of identifying characteristics, life cycles, and evolutionary history. Checklists allow readers to record species they have seen, in four subregions. Indexes feature a complete list of common and scientific names, including synonyms, ensuring that users can find the plants they are looking for and keep track of changes in taxonomy. In addition, information about hybrids, polyploids, and reticulate relationships is provided, illuminating the fascinating processes that have led to such a rich diversity of species.